October 3rd, 2017

Overload Box Squats
7 x 2 @107.5% of 1 rm back squat @24/20"
3 x 2 Back squat @92.5%
10 Box step ups @70#/50# dumbells
**Focus on staying tight throughout and trying not to relax onto the box. Maintain tension throughout.

Every 2 mins for as long as possible
8 dumbell snatches @80/55
10/8 Calorie Bike
10 wallball @30/20#
30 min time cap
**This workout will hurt and will push your mental threshold. Be ready for it and have a plan for when it gets really hard.

5 sets of fluid toes to bar
**Each set should be as perfect positionally as possible. Come down when either your form degrades or your speed changes. Consistency is the goal on these.

2 x
Row 50 cals for time
Row 30 cals at a recovery pace
**Goal is to maintain a pace throughout your for time and to hone your mechanic and stroke in your recovery period. Focus on your breath and try to be intentional and consistent with your movement

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