May 17th, 2017

The name of the game on this workout is being able to staying consistent on your sets and your rest. Keep your rest the same at the end of the workout as it was in the beginning. As always, keep that core tight on those deads and don't let yourself walk away from that barbell! Start smooth and finish strong!

16 minute EMOM
1 Squat clean starting @77.5% adding 2.5% every 2 mins

Overload Work
8 x 1 Rack Pulls above the knee @95,97.5,100,100,102.5,102.5,105,107.5%

Gymnastic Work
Accumulate 3:00 L-Sit
- Max distance HS walk every Drop

200 double unders
100 wallball 20/14
25 deadlifts @ 335#/235#

Connor MartinComment