May 31st, 2017

Heavy wall-balls and heavy dumbells, something we've seen a lot in regionals. Time to tackle both in this workout today. Try to stay as unbroken as possible on the overhead squats while finding your breath on the snatches by switching at the bottom of each rep. Pro tip: you might want to throw those olys on for those overhead squats. 

EMOM for 12 mins
2 Squat clean starting @65% adding 2.5% every 2 mins

8 x 1 Rack Pulls above the knee @97.5,100,100,100,102.5,102.5,105,107.5

Gymnastic Work
3 x
Max effort L-sit
Max Effort GHD Hold at parallel
Max effort HS Walk

Amrap in 15 mins
10 Wall-balls @30/20#
8 Dumbell OHS @80/55
20 Wall-balls
16 Dumbell Snatches

Connor MartinComment