June 16th, 2017

Some quick notes about today's programming: The goal for the running portion is to hit your mile pace for both the 800m and the 400m sets, while opening up your stride for the 200m by maintaining your best 800m. For the wod today, focus on getting on and off that rower quick because if you're slow on that transition, you're going to lose a lot of time in the workout.

5 x 2 Power Clean + Push Jerk @82.5%
5 x 1 Clean and Jerk @85% or Above

Run Conditioning
2 x 800m   1 : 1 rest
4 x 400m   1 : 1 rest
4 x 200m   1 : 0.5 rest

5 rounds for time
500m Row
10 Power snatch @135/95

Connor MartinComment