June 19th, 2017

The focus for today's workout is staying efficient on the toes to bar in order to catch your breath and keep your heart rate steady. Those dumbbell thrusters are going to spike your heart rate, but being able to lower it on toes to bar will allow you to keep a steady pace through the entire workout.

Back Squat   3 x 3 @87.5%   1 x 10 @ 70%
Overhead Squat 2 x 2 @87.5% w 2 second pause in the bottom position

Posterior Chain Work
E2MOM 16
10 back rack box step ups @65# barbell
10 bulgarian split squats @53# kb

7 rounds
10 toes to bar
10 Dumbell thrusters @60#/40#

3k bike
2k ski
1k row

Connor MartinComment