July 12th, 2017

In the workout today, everyone's goal should be to do the hang power cleans as ub as possible every round. Breaking up your strict handstand pushups will allow your heart rate to come down a little bit in order for you to find that rythym on this workout.

3 x 10 Bench press 60% (2 second down, 1 second pause 1 second up)
*between sets 30 banded pull aparts
3 x 10 Shoulder press @ 65% w 2 second pause overhead
*1 max set of dumbbell floor press @60/40#

1. 12 pistol squats
2. 30ft HS Walk
3. 10 Chest to bar

20min AMRAP
15/12 Cal Row
12 Hang Power Clean 135/95
9 Strict HSPU

Connor MartinComment