July 19th, 2017

The workout today is going to hurt so make it hurt. Push that 30s bike and focus on having a step up toward the box approach and a fast decent by rotating your body as you jump on those burpee box jump overs. Embrace the pain. 

E2M for 10min (5 sets)
3 Clean & Jerks
Immediately into E2M for 10min (5 sets)
2 C&J
Immediately into E2M for 10min (5 sets)
1 C&J
*Build over the course of all 15 sets. Reset after each C&J to prioritize mechanics
*Squat clean and split jerk is preferred

10:00 Handstand hold practice
Every 7 attempts 10 GHD sit ups

E3MOM for 10 rounds
0:30 Max calories bike
0:30 Max burpee box jumps overs (facing)

Connor MartinComment