July 22nd, 2017

Weighted pistols are going to take a lot of your body because of how much tension you're going to be under. Focusing on switching hands on the ground for those dumbbell snatches will help you lower that heart rate a little bit. Make sure you stay focused on technique throughout the pistols so you don't get any no reps!

4 x 1 Split Jerk @80% or above
4 x 4 Bench press @75% or higher
3 x 8 dumbell seated shoulder press @50/35#
After each movement is fully completed do 40 banded pull aparts, 40 banded tricep extensions, and 40 banded lat pull downs

20:00 EMOM Bar facing burpee efficiency
6 reps per round
practice turning opposite direction and consistency in foot placement

75 GHD sit ups
DB snatches (70/50)
Weighted pistol squats

Connor MartinComment