July 28th, 2017

In the pump sesh that is the workout today, really focus on your touch and go power cleans. This should be a moderate weight so really focus on the technique needed to string them together: recatching your hook grip on the way down, keeping the bar close, going straight to the ground instead of pausing at the hips, etc. 

Take 10min to build to today's 1RM Bench Press
E4M for 20min (5 sets)
5 Bench Press @ 70% of today's 1RM BP
10 Power Clean @ 65% of your 1RM PC
*These sets should take less than 2min

Every 30 seconds for 3 mins do 2 deadlifts 3 burpees @365/240
Rest until 5 mins
every 30 seconds for 3 mins do 4 deads 3 burpees @295/195
rest until 10 mins
every 30 seconds for 3 mins do 6 deads 3 burpees @225/155

Core Work
2 x
30 second hollow
30 second superman
30 second stradle sit
30 second v-sit

Connor MartinComment