July 8th, 2017

The focus on today's workout is limiting your time taken for each movement. What is meant by that, is that we want you to focus on breathing during the double unders and the GHD sit-ups rather than taking a huge rest in-between sets on the strict handstand push-ups. Stay as unbroken as possible on the first two movements then short quick sets on those push-ups. Stay consistent and fight through the entire workout. 

Snatch Complex build to a heavy single of:
Snatch grip deadlift+shrug
High hang snatch
1 low hang snatch
3 x 10 Frankenstien Front squats @40% with a 3 second down and 2 second pause

10 min HS walk practice

6 rounds for time
40 Double unders
20 GHD situps
10 Strict HSPU

Connor MartinComment