August 11th, 2017

Only one barbell for all 3 AMRAPs today so make sure you add weight after each one. 5min is a sneaky time domain for repeats. Go at a sprint pace, but hold back a bit from the start so you don't crash and burn. On grace, focus on consistent movement. This is likely going to be singles so make a concerted effort to keep the time between reps the same from reps 1-30.

2 Rounds
Cross Over Symmetry Activation
30 seconds nose to wall handstand hold

5min AMRAP
10 Power Snatch (75/55)
10 Burpees Over Bar
-Rest 3min-
5min AMRAP
8 Thrusters (115/75)
8 T2B
-Rest 3min-
5min AMRAP
6 Power Clean (135/95)

Post Wod
Immediately following WOD
Grace: 30 Clean and Jerks for time 135/95

3 Rounds
30 seconds hollow hold
30 seconds plank hold on hands
30 seconds superman
30 second plank hold on elbows
30 seconds straddle sit hold
30 seconds reverse plank hold
30 seconds V-sit hold
-rest 3 mins between rounds-
2 x Max effort hang from pullup bar on finger tips rest 2 mins between efforts

Connor MartinComment