August 18th, 2017

On the workout today, really focus on managing that muscle fatigue. Don't try to come out as a hero on the first set of five to find yourself staring at the rings for the three rep round. On the lift portion focus on finishing each interval in around 15-20 seconds. If needed, scale the weight down to accomplish this and to keep that intensity high.

For time
5 Strict MU
50 DU
4 Strict MU
40 DU
3 Strict MU
30 DU
2 Strict MU
20 DU
1 Strict MU
10 DU

Deadlift Every 30 seconds for 3 mins do 2 deadlifts 3 burpees @365/240
Rest until 5 mins
every 30 seconds for 3 mins do 4 deads 3 burpees @295/195
rest until 10 mins
every 30 seconds for 3 mins do 6 deads 3 burpees @225/155

4:00 Hollow Hold
*every drop 5 strict Toes to bar

Connor MartinComment