August 22nd, 2017

Wall balls and dumbbell power cleans in the workout today are at weights and reps that you can do unbroken. The focus is going to be your ability to breathe throughout the movements and not to allow yourself to take huge breaks during the transitions. Really try to push the pace during the last couple of minutes and hang on to those dumbbells!

Overload Box Squats
7 x 2 @100% of 1 rm back squat @24/20"
3 x 3 Back squat @85%
*between movements complete 5 bulgarian split squats each side @53/35#

AMRAP in 12 mins
20 Wallball 20/14
10 Power Cleans @50/35# dumbells

5 x max sets of Ring Muscle ups or 45 total reps

Row 5 K

Connor MartinComment