August 23rd, 2017

All distances are 100m total (50m each). Partner A goes 50m out and partner B goes 50m back. Choose weights that are challenging, but something you can complete each 50m task unbroken. For the 20min bike, think of it as four 5 min sets and trying to hold a consistent pace through all of those sets. Spend the first set to settle into a pace and don't let yourself fall off of it for the rest of the time.

In teams of 2, move through each station 4 times
1) 100m Sled Push (AHAP)
2) 100m Dball Carry (100/70) Must be bearhug
3) 100m Suitcase Carry (AHAP)
4) 100m Single Arm OH Carry (AHAP)

3 x sets of
Metranome Toes To Bar

20 min bike test for max cals

Connor MartinComment