Lift: Overload Box Squats

7 x 2 @105% of 1 rm back squat @24/20"

3 x 3 Back squat @87.5%

*between movements complete 5 bulgarian split squats each side @53/35#Focus on staying tight throughout and trying not to relax onto the box. Maintain tension throughout.


4 x AMRAP in 4 mins
12 Pistol squats
10 Cal bike
8 KB Snatch @70/53#

Rest 2 mins between roundsGoal is to stay consistent throughout. Your score for each amrap should be within 5 reps each time.


E2MOM 16
1. 2/ 1 Legless rope climb
2. 4/3 Rope climbs
Goal of the legless is to focus on maximizing the efficiency of your climb. If you're kipping, using the maximal hip drive with minimal lateral movement. If you're going up strict its increasing the length of your pull.

On rope climbs with feet its all about the hieght you pull your feet to for each rep. Focus on maximizing the efficiency of each rep.


For 20 mins
25 Cal Bike
25 Cal Row
Smooth pace throughout, limit transition time between each as much as possible

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