August 9th, 2017

The goal of this workout is performing efficient MU under an elevated heart rate. Focus on tight arch to hollow positions, leading with the toes, and snapping the hips fast. First scaling option is to decrease the number of MU. You can scale to BMU if you are able to string at least 2 together

E3M for 24min (8 sets)
200m Run
7/5 UB Ring MU

Full Snatch
1. 77.5% X 3 quick singles
2. 80% X 2 touch and go
3. 85% X 2 Quick singles
4. 87.5% X 1
5. 77.5% X 3 Touch and Go
Between sets 7 Burpee Broad jumps

6 Strict Pullups
100 Banded Pull aparts
100 banded tricep extensions
100 banded lat pull downs

Connor MartinComment