September 18th, 2017

3 sets of each
500m Row
2) ME Pull Up
Rest 1-2min
**Alt between pull up and hspu stations. Should be a total of six 500m rows and three ME attempts at each station

Full Snatch
1. 80% X 3 quick singles
2. 82.5% X 2 touch and go
3. 90% X 1
4. 92.5% X 1
5.95% X 1
6. 97.5% X 1
Between sets 7 Burpee Broad jumps
**Goal here isn't Weight but rather technical mastery, speed and stability are paramount here.
Broad jump goal is to go out of the bottom position with no hesitation, try to hit 3-4 feet each jump

15 mins of practicing the clamp for rope climbs
*Focus on foot positioning and the angle of your body. Goal is to master the mechanics here. Sit on a box for these.

Connor MartinComment