September 20th, 2017

Front Squat (185/125)
**The front squats should be the breather here and the muscleups the sticking point. The goal is to move efficiently on the muscleups and focus on having your arch and hollow be tight and powerful each rep. Maximize the contribution of your lats on the back end of each movement.

Full Clean and Jerk
1. 75% X 3 Quick singles
2. 80% X 2 Touch and go
3. 85% X 2 Quick singles
4. 90% X 1
5. 92.5% X 1
6. 75% X 3 Touch and go
Between sets 6 Dumbell Push jerks @80/60#
**Goal is Consistency in mechanics and to maintain the height of your pull each time.
On the jerk focus on a smooth solid landing each rep with no movement. Focus on landing with a bent back knee.
DB's should be done as 6 cycled reps each time

15 mins Handstand walk drill
**Start with a 1 second hold then a 10 ft walk, then go to 2 seconds 10 ft, 3 seconds and so on

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