September 25th, 2017

400m Run
25 GHD Sit Up
15 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20)
**this workout is going to hurt, but its one where nothing is undoable or should stop you in your tracks. The goal should be constant motion with little to no deviation from round one to round 4

Full Snatch
1. 80% X 3 quick singles
2. 82.5% X 2 touch and go
3. 90% X 1
4. 92.5% X 1
5.95% X 1
6. 97.5% X 1
Between sets 7 Burpee Broad jumps
**Goal here isn't Weight but rather technical mastery, speed and stability are paramount here.
Broad jump goal is to go out of the bottom position with no hesitation, try to hit 3-4 feet each jump

15 half way up Rope climbs focusing on smooth descent
**Goal here is nailing posittion on the descent and making sure that you're not frying your arms on the way down

Connor MartinComment