September 26th, 2017

Overload Box Squats
7 x 2 @105% of 1 rm back squat @24/20"
3 x 2 Back squat @90%
*between movements complete 5 bulgarian split squats each side @53/35#
**Focus on staying tight throughout and trying not to relax onto the box. Maintain tension throughout.

125 Dumbell Snatches @50/35#
Every 2 mins perform 10 burpees to a 6" target
**Nowhere to hide on this WOD, pace is go and the goal is to move fast and fluidly throughout

60 Chest to bar pullups
**Each rep work on the efficiency, do sets to minimize the distance traveled and maximize the musculature used

6 x 45 seconds max calories on the runner 1:15 second rest
**Goal is to hold a pace as long as possible try to have all sets be within 4 calories

Connor MartinComment